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Cinemaximiliaan organises many regular screenings in asylum centers all over Belgium, as well as pop-up cinemas at private homes and excursions to museums and exhibitions: these dates are popping up on a short notice! Here we keep the overview up to date.


Film screenings in asylum centers:


> 2015:

September 6 - October 1: Daily Film Screenings at Maximiliaan Park, Brussels

October 1 - February 18: Daily Film Screenings at Maximiliaan Hall, Brussels


October 17, 7:00 pm: Sint Niklaas (Westakkers)

December 16, 7:00 pm: Brussels (Petit Chateau)

December 18, 7:00 pm: Sint Niklaas (Westakkers)


> 2016:

January 15, 7:00 pm: Lombardsijde

January 17, 7:00 pm: Sint Niklaas (Westakkers)

January 17, 15:00 pm: Namur (Belgrade)

January 22, 7:00 pm: Lombardsijde

February 3, 7:00 pm: Sint Niklaas (Westakkers)

February 5, 7:00 pm: Lombardsijde

February 12, 7:00 pm: Lombardsijde

February 19, 7:00 pm: Lombardsijde

February 28, 7:00 pm: Houthalen-Helchteren

March 11, 7:00 pm: Broechem

March 17, 7:00 pm: Sint Niklaas (Westakkers)

April 4, 7.00 pm: Ghent (Ponton)

April 6, 7.00 pm: Broechem

April 9, 7:00 pm: Sint Niklaas (Westakkers)

April 10, 7:00 pm: Houthalen-Helchteren

April 11, 7:00 pm: Ghent (Ponton)

April 16, 3.00 pm: Lubbeek

April 28, 7:00 pm: Brussels (Petit Château)

April 29: 7:00 pm: Broechem

May 1, 7:00 pm: Hechtel-Eksel

May 2, 7:00 pm: Ghent (Ponton)

May 4, 7:00 pm: Broechem

May 5, 7:00 pm: Sint Niklaas (Westakkers)

May 9, 7:00 pm: Ghent (Ponton)

May 20, 7:00 pm: Broechem

May 26, 7:00 pm: Sint Niklaas (Westakkers)

June 1, 7:00 pm: Broechem

June 17, 7:00 pm: Dendermonde

June 17, 7:00 pm: Broechem

July 4, 7:00 pm: Ghent (Ponton)

July 7, 7:00 pm: Poelkapelle

July 14, 7:00 pm: Westakkers

July 18, 7:00 pm: Sainte-Ode

July 22, 7:00 pm: Lubbeek

July 27, 7:00 pm: Brussels (Petit Château)

August 11, 7:00 pm: Westakkers

August 19, 7:00 pm: Koksijde

August 26, 7:00 pm: Koksijde

Sept 9, 7:00 pm: Jette

Sept 24, 6:00 pm: Houthalen-Helchteren




Programs in cultural venues:


> 2015

November 12, 2:00 pm: Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels

November 14, 11.00 am: Visit to exhibition "A Line is a line is a line", CC Strombeek, Grimbergen

December 3, 8:00 pm: Screening of Short films at OFFoff Cinema, Ghent

December 4, 2:00 pm: Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent


> 2016

January 10, 2:00 pm: Screening of "Io sto con la sposa - On the Bride's Side" at Bozar Cinema, Brussels

January 26, 10:00 am: Visit to the exhibition "A Bottom Line" with Philippe Van Cauteren, workshop with Hidde Van Schie at SMAK, Ghent

February 24, 8:00 pm: Private screening of the film "The Return to Homs" in Brussels

March 4, 7:00 pm: Opening of Cinemaximiliaan Charity Exhibition at Villa Empain, Brussels.

March 8, 8:00 pm: Visit to the performance "Badke" at KVS, Brussels.

March 26, 7.30 pm: Opening Cinemaximiliaan Charity Exhibition at Z33, Hasselt

April 20, 8.00 pm: Lecture and debate by Ayham Seif Eddin (SY/BE) at Muntpunt Brussels - POSTPONED

May 1, 7:00 pm: Visit to "Kakuma: Invisible City" at STUK Kunstencentrum, Leuven

May 2, 8.00 pm: Belgian Premiere 'The Emigrants' at Bozar cinema, Brussels

May 4, 7.00 pm: "Four O'clock in Paradise” by Mohamed Abdulaziz at RITCS Cinema, Brussels

May 6, 8:00 pm: Open conversation "Artistic Practices in Conflicted Zones" at the opening of Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels

May 12, 2:30 pm - 3.30 pm: Visit to Exhibition "From Floris to Rubens" at Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels

May 12, 6:00 pm: "Hausbesuch" reading by Najem Wali (IQ) in collaboration with Goethe Institut Brussels

May 21, 8.30 pm: Performances by Mohamed Aukal (PS/BE), Hussein Rassim (IQ/BE) and Shalan Alhamwy (SY/BE) & guests at Kaaistudio's, Brussels

May 25, 8:00 pm: Hello from the other side: Europe, Migration, and The Emperor’s New Clothes / A talk by Marko Stamenkovic, at Platform Citoyenne by Jubilee vzw, Brussels

May 29, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm: Finissage of Cinemaximiliaan Charity Exhibition with workshops, guided tours and film screenings at Z33, Hasselt

June 5, 2:00 pm: Private Recital by Shalan Alhamwy in Dilbeek.

June 6, 3:00 pm: Special screening and debate “The Land Of The Enlightened” by Pieter-Jan De Pue (BE) at Sphinx Cinema, Ghent, in presence of the director.

June 8, 10:50 am - 12:30 pm: Lecture by Yazan Rajab at Steinerspchool De Es, Antwerp.

June 8, 8:30 pm: Special screening and debate "The Land of the Enlightened" by Pieter-Jan De Pue (BE) at De Roma, Antwerp, in presence of the director.

June 11, 1:00 pm: "Homeland: Iraq Year Zero" by Abbas Fahdel (IQ/FR) in collaboration with Courtisane at Bozar cinema, Brussels, in presence of the director.

June 20, 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm: "World Newcomers Day" with talks, exhibition visits, concerts and encounters at SMAK, Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent.

June 30, 8.00 pm: Concert by Hussein Rassim (IQ/BE) at Pianofabriek, Brussels

September 10, 4:00 pm: "Homeland. Iraq Year Zero" by Abbas Fahdel (IQ/FR) at Cinema Nova. In presence of the director.

September 11, 4:00 pm: Special screening of raw footage shot by newcomers in Belgium, in presence of Abbas Fahdel.

September 24: Opening of "Wijde Wereld Weken" by Cinemaximiliaan at Cultuurcentrum Strombeek, Grimbergen

October 5, 7:00 pm: Screening and Debate around 'Djomeh' by Hassan Yektapanah at Villa Empain, Brussels.

November 4, 8:00 pm: Recital by Shalan Alhamwy (SY/BE) at GC De Maalbeek, Brussels

November 16, 7:00 pm: screening and debate of "The Land of the Enlightened" by Pieter-Jan De Pue at CC Belgica, Dendermonde.


Many more dates to come - stay updated!





Donations are welcome on following bank account:

Cinemaximiliaan vzw

IBAN: BE65 0017 8222 9496



VAT: BE06 4969 7486


We also accept donations of DVD's, beamers, portable speakers, DVD players, HDMI / AV cables and suitcases.




Cinemaximiliaan thanks the many individual and institutional supporters of the Crowdfunding through

With support of: BOZAR Cinema, CC Strombeek, Cinema Galeries, Cinema OFFoff, Cinema RITCS, Courtisane, Davidsfonds Itterbeek, Fondation Boghossian/Villa Empain, Fondation Henri Servais, GC De Maelbeek, GC Everna, Globe Aroma, Goethe Institut Brüssel, Kaaitheater, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kunstenpunt, Muntpunt, Odisee, Pianofabriek, SMAK, Steinerschool De Es, Vlaamse Dienst voor Filmcultuur, Z33 huis voor actuele kunst.


Supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and Stad Brussel/Ville de Bruxelles.





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Cinemaximiliaan is a pop-up cinema for and with newcomers in Belgium. We started in an improvised refugee camp at the Maximiliaan park in Brussels with daily film screenings. Cinemaximiliaan quickly grew to become a vast network of volunteers, mainly filmmakers, artists and cinephiles, amongst them many newcomers. Cinemaximiliaan offers a ‘living room', meanwhile showing films in various remote asylum centers around Belgium on a regular basis, where there is a need for distraction and cultural exchange. We also organise many events, film screenings in real cinemas and at people's homes, music and dance performances, debates, lectures, masterclasses and exhibitions, welcoming newcomers to take part and to help shape cultural life in Belgium. It offers space for many encounters and occasions through which newcomers can continue their path in a new homeland.